Friday, 17 February 2012

ChocoLOVE! Hmmmmmm

Once again, my brain is just lacking today - maybe it's this weird weather? Or maybe that I got up at 5.50am voluntarily to go to the gym this morning.... what is wrong with me? I must admit it's a great way to start the day. Although I must say that blasting techno at that time of the morning isn't really appreciated!!

My local cafe (200m from work) has just lost the 2 best bartista's (bye Ollie & Nat) - and it has some new staff who a) don't know how to texture milk (soy or other), and who b) have serious attitude, and have decided to jack up the price of already expensive coffee w/ soy milk.

So my dilemma is now what to snack on in the mornings? Having a mid morning cappucino was like my morning tea. I've been trying to think of snacks that I can enjoy, that I don't already eat. For lunch i tend to have crackers & dips, dried fruit, fresh fruit and for the afternoon, I have nuts. What other healthy, low fat snacks are recommended?

Apart from carrots of course....

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