Friday, 20 April 2012


I'm in a blissful food bubble whilst I type this.

My tummy is comfortably full, the taste of soup lingering and making me wish I'd gotten the large size. The salad complimented the soup nicely, and the freshly toasted (handmade) bread that went with it was a perfect addition to dunk into the soup. I truly enjoyed every mouthful.

Now where did I get this oh so delicious food??

At a newish place in the Melbourne CBD called Fugazza.

I admit there may be some family ties with this little place *wink* but I can honestly say that the food is outstanding (YAY!). And it offers vegan options (double YAY!). I had to pop into the city for a work errand, and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to stop by and say hello to Simon, the hard-working mastermind behind Fugazza.

For an amazing price of $9.90, I got what is pictured below.

$9.90 for all this - yep, you bet!!

  • Broccoli, corn, carrot, baby spinach salad w/ Fugazza's signature lemon basil dressing, and
  • Nonno's Tuscan bean & vegetable soup w/ a piece of toasted bread (handmade by Simon!)

Fugazza also do a mean coffee (they use Bonsoy!!) - their unique blend is a specially roasted by their barista.

For those who eat meat or vegetarians - there are LOADS of options for you. You have the option to sit down to enjoy your food, or you can takeaway (which is neatly packed into a brown paper bag, with eco-friendly compostable cutlery).

At the moment, Fugazza is open from 7am - later afternoon, Monday-Friday only. However, the Fugazza van has been seen at many a music festival, community market, outdoor event - so if you don't visit the CBD during the week, then keep an eye out at the next event you attend.

If I was told that the bean & vegetable soup was going to be my last meal on earth, I would die a happy and satisfied person.

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Thursday, 19 April 2012


The website Buzzfeed sometimes has some gold nuggets in regards to their posts.

I am still wiping away the tears of laughter. Check out the high kicks – and I’m not meaning the ladies!!

I am a child of the 80’s so I am very familiar with the dance moves, the jazz hands, and cheesy grins!! I will be bookmarking this page for those days where I am feeling crap.

Pick your favourite!!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

SOS – Please help!

I have just been made aware of a ridiculous application by a shooting club, which will threaten a wonderful animal sanctuary just outside of Melbourne.

Edgar’s Mission is a place that rescues farm animals that have been injured and/or abandoned. They truly do wonderful work, and have made a difference to hundreds of animals’ lives.

With names like Hip Hop Bob, The Two Ronnie’s, Mighty Mouse, Mrs Peaches – these animals have great character and strength, especially once you read their stories and discover what they’ve been through.

However, the Melton Shire Council is considering approving an application by the Greenvale Field and Game Inc (a shooters club) to extend the number of days each year they can operate, and how many shooters can take part. If approved, the animals and visitors to Edgar’s Mission will no longer experience its peace and tranquillity; instead they will be hearing the sound of gunshots.

These poor animals have already been through enough, but now if they’re exposed to gun shots they will experience fright, panic and shock. Plus, what humans would want to visit a place that is surrounded by the sound of gun fire?

PLEASE support and sign this campaign. It will literally take 30 seconds out of your day.

There is also a campaign through Animals Australia, this one also takes just 30 seconds.

On a side note, can someone please explain to me how guns are illegal but you can actively participate in shooting animals?? You cannot shoot humans, but it’s ok to shoot animals???

Monday, 16 April 2012

Belly laugh guaranteed!!

After some Facebook banter and giggles after my post on Friday, I just HAD to share some pictures that were discovered…

Oh McDreamy........



OH MY!!! Note the book that McDreamy is reading... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Friday night Indian dinner was super tasty, and as usual, I overindulged!! But how can I resist when there are delicious vegie curries and garlic naan???

I got the birthday boy a very generous and delicious gift... (cue evil laughing!!!). After a discussion at Good Friday lunch, I bought him a packet of Jelly Belly Beanboozled jelly beans. These are jelly beans where half the packet is yummy flavours (chocolate pudding, coconut, etc) or disgusting flavours (canned dog food, rotten eggs, etc). I know, it’s totally gross and disturbing – but all the beans look the same so it’s pot luck with what flavour you get!! The birthday boy M said he’d love to share them with me, but I said it was such a shame that they weren’t vegetarian… muhahahahaha!! He's like a brother to me, so I needed to get a suitable gift. hehehe

L-whack’s uncle is recently back from a month long trip to France, so we hear all kinds of magical stories from his trip – and made me so jealous and I can’t wait to go back!! It was a really great night, and we all had a good time, with lots of laughs!!

On Saturday morning, I was back to my usual gym (it was good to be back!) but it was SO TOUGH!! The equipment is harder than the groupon gym (particularly the cross trainer), so I was wanting to die after 8 mins… I can say now that my legs are still sore and I am dreading my workout tonight!!

Sunday was a lovely day. I must say that love makes you do weird things. L-whack and I met at the park near his parents at 7.45AM for a walk and coffee. I am a sleeper-inner and still can’t believe I voluntarily got up that early on a Sunday!! We also had a play at the new playground there, and had several turns on the flying fox (until some bloody kids came along and spoilt our fun!!! Boooooo). We then walked in the warm sunshine before grabbing a coffee at a chocolate cafĂ© (hmmmmm). He then went to his parents to do some thesis writing, and I did some cooking!! I made Vegie Head’s South African sweet potato, kidney bean and peanut stew (YUM!) and I also had some organic cabbage to get rid of, so I made a Russian shchi soup. The soup was subtly flavoured, but really light and fresh tasting. I know cabbage soup doesn’t sound too appealing, but I enjoyed it.

I just realised I didn't get a pic of the stew (woops!) but I took a photo of the soup.

I gotta say it was tough waking up this morning, knowing there were 5 full work days ahead… *groan*

Friday, 13 April 2012

Confession time!!!

I have a few things that I absolutely love, and that isn’t necessarily a good thing!!

The Bachelor
Now I haven’t watched this in several years, but it was on last week when I happened to turn on the TV. And OMG I had forgotten how badly good this show is!! I’m not sure if the producers have amped it up, or the girls that go on this show have to pass a ‘not sane’ test – but I have giggled my way through two weeks. There is SO much bitchiness, cattiness and insanity. One girl locked herself in the bathroom and sobbed because she didn’t like how another girl looked at her. This week, a girl passed out TWICE during the rose ceremony because “the stress was too much”. They’ve known this guy for 4 days, and they’re already professing their love for him. LOVE. IT.

Gossip Magazines
I subscribe to Who and OK! magazines, and I regularly read Pink is the New Blog. The mags are very similar, and full of crap. But I love reading about what the Kar-trash-ians are up to, and how big Jessica Simpson is (is she really STILL pregnant????!!!!!!). L-whack just shakes his head when I pull out an issue and put my feet up to read about other people’s problems (made up or not).

What should we call me
This blog is a new addiction of mine. I was reading The Everywhereist (seriously, awesome blog – get on it) and she mentioned it in a post a couple of days ago (it’s her crack!). I have been giggling ever since.

Crappy 90’s TV shows
As there is really not much on TV these days, I decided to get into watching old TV shows on DVD. EBay is a great thing; you can buy box sets so cheap, and then sell them again once you’re done!! No ads, you can pause when you want, not have to wait a week for the next episode, etc. I’m nearly done with Ally McBeal, I’ve done The OC and Dawson’s Creek, and I’m deciding other shows I should watch. I’m thinking Brothers & Sisters, Mad Men, Party of Five crossed my mind… Any suggestions are welcome (but remember I hate blood & guts).

Tonight is L-whack's brothers birthday, and we're going out for Indian for dinner - yuuuuuuuuuuum! My tummy is already rumbling just thinking about it. Hmmmmmmm!!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Vegan food is so boring.


I ate so much glorious yumminess over the weekend – it was awesome!

Thursday afternoon I walked to the train station, and as the sun was setting over the yarra I noticed a couple of swans enjoying a paddle. If you look close you can see them! I was in a great mood, knowing there were 4 days off work ahead of me!!

Good Friday, L-whack and I enjoyed a day at his cousin’s place. All the family was there, and it was a lovely, relaxed day. I had cooked Vegie Head’s Swiss chard & potato curry (although with spinach instead of chard) – and it was a HIT!! (That reminds me, I have to email the recipe to everyone!!)
It was a lovely warm day, and a great time was had by all!

L-whack’s mum is very creative, and made these cupcakes. Not vegan, but very cute.

Saturday was a crazy busy day. Two loads of washing, babysitting my two nieces, and preparing & baking two batches of hot cross buns really wore me out!! I enjoyed a super tasty, healthy and quick lunch which gave me some good energy.

Grainy bread, hummus, sliced tomato, fresh basil. Sprinkle w salt & pepper
Sunday morning I decided to kick my butt into gear, and went to the gym. Suffered through a workout, and then got home in time for a quick bite of a late lunch before my family came over for afternoon tea. My hot cross buns went down very well – and everyone was shocked when I announced they were vegan (cue spitting out and mocking vegan jokes). Take that family!!

My niece S-monster is 16 months old, and is in the phase of putting things on her head. She found a hat in the following bucket that holds her blocks. HA!!

Sunday evening was spent with L-whack’s family. So much yummy food was consumed also! Litha had made some vegan pastries (can you please send me the recipe??) and also a pasta salad.

Again the hot cross buns were very popular, but with the whole table being full of desserts, I was happy to take a couple of buns home to enjoy later……

Monday was spent at the gym again (punishment for all I ate over the weekend!) and then I caught up with a girlfriend for coffee in Port Melbourne. We went to Noisette – which is an AMAZING bakery and patisserie. Pretty sure none of their products are vegan, but I was strong and just enjoyed a coffee. Georgina and I drooled over the counter – sooooooooooooooo good!

I Google-imaged a photo just to give you an idea…

I would just like to also tell you about yesterday’s weather. Melbourne is known as being extreme when it comes to weather, and yesterday was a true example.

When I got up in the morning, it was brilliant blue skies. The ground was damp from overnight rain, and there was c high chance of rain during the day. I drove to the gym (I’m in my last week of the groupon deal) and almost had to pull over on the freeway from the heavy rain. Then the sun came out. Then when I left the gym, it pissed down rain. Then sunshine. Then I drove to meet G for coffee, and I had to pull over because the hail was so extreme. Then the sun came out. Then it rained horizontally – literally. Then the sun shone. Then it poured rain. All this in the space of 90 minutes. Then I drove home in the sunshine, before I walked in the front door and it bucketed down rain. Then the sun set – and it hailed again when I went to bed at 10pm and I couldn’t sleep because it was so loud and heavy!!

Please note it was also 30*c on Friday and yesterday it was 12*c. During winter, Melbourne gets a ‘breeze’ that blows up from Antarctica, so it’s bone chilling cold. I love my electric blanket, wheat pack, soups/curry etc., but give me summer any day.

So it was this weather that made me decide that I wanted pizza for dinner – hmmmm pizza! So I made the wholemeal base and roasted some pumpkin, potato and capsicum, chopped up some sun dried tomatoes, slathered on some pasta sauce, chucked on a few capers and garnished with some fresh garden basil… it was a winner!!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Caution – yumminess ahead!!

This weekend, I dedicated to cooking up some tasty vegan fare. I constantly look at recipes, and my tummy grumbles at the sight of the deliciousness. I print recipes and keep them in a pile for when I get the time to do some cooking. Well, this Saturday just passed I dedicated to Vegie Head – because her recipes not only are nutritious and healthy, she won the best vegan blog in the world!!

I had a rare quiet full Saturday, so I ambitiously set out to make 4 dishes – Ribollita, South African sweet potato, kidney bean and peanut stew, Swiss chard and potato curry, and my own pumpkin soup.

I wrote out a shopping list of the ingredients I didn’t have (although most of them I already had, as they’re everyday ingredients) and popped down the shops.

The first thing I made was my pumpkin soup. It’s been AGES since I made this, and couldn’t exactly remember the recipe. But I threw something together that tasted really good – onion, pumpkin, potato, water, stock – blend! I didn’t take a photo of this. It’s pumpkin soup.

The next thing was the curry. I had bought a large bunch of Swiss chard on my shopping trip – I had never cooked with it before so was a little unsure.

But I simply followed the recipe and it turned out brilliantly! Such a vibrant colour and the smell… to die for!! The only thing I will do differently next time is to cut the potatoes a little smaller – but they were all cooked and tasty and hmmm…


L-whack and I enjoyed it for dinner on Sunday evening, but I also managed to enjoy some that didn’t quite fit in the container. hehehe! On Good Friday, we’re actually having a get-together with some of L-whack’s family, and I’ve decided to make this for our contribution. It’s so simple, and so tasty that I am confident it will be a hit!

Next up was the ribollita. I LOVE vegie soup. I LOVE beans, pulses & legumes. So I knew this was going to be a winner!

Hmmmmmmmm yum!

So so so so so so good. Mine didn’t quite turn out like the pic on Vegie Head’s page, as I got distracted with getting my washing out, and the potatoes ended up disintegrating a little. But that only added to the creaminess of the soup! I was actually hanging out all day yesterday to have a bowl, and it was totally worth the wait! I’m looking forward to another bowl tonight!! And L-whack really enjoyed his bowl as well. He’s not a soup person, but really enjoyed how hearty and filling this was.

By the time I had cooked the above, it was pretty late in the afternoon. I decided that although I had all the ingredients ready for the stew, there was already A LOT of food for the week ahead so I’ll try making over the Easter weekend.

Also on the weekend agenda is baking some more hot cross buns – yay!! The other side of L-whack’s family is having a dinner (something ridiculous like 35 people will be there!) so my contribution for this will be buns! I don’t think I’ll make enough buns for everyone – there will be A LOT of food (Litha is back at Cadbury and has promised a ridiculous amount of chocolate – but I shall be controlled and enjoy only vegan options) – but I might try making them a little smaller and getting more out of the mixture. We’ll see.