Monday, 16 April 2012

Belly laugh guaranteed!!

After some Facebook banter and giggles after my post on Friday, I just HAD to share some pictures that were discovered…

Oh McDreamy........



OH MY!!! Note the book that McDreamy is reading... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Friday night Indian dinner was super tasty, and as usual, I overindulged!! But how can I resist when there are delicious vegie curries and garlic naan???

I got the birthday boy a very generous and delicious gift... (cue evil laughing!!!). After a discussion at Good Friday lunch, I bought him a packet of Jelly Belly Beanboozled jelly beans. These are jelly beans where half the packet is yummy flavours (chocolate pudding, coconut, etc) or disgusting flavours (canned dog food, rotten eggs, etc). I know, it’s totally gross and disturbing – but all the beans look the same so it’s pot luck with what flavour you get!! The birthday boy M said he’d love to share them with me, but I said it was such a shame that they weren’t vegetarian… muhahahahaha!! He's like a brother to me, so I needed to get a suitable gift. hehehe

L-whack’s uncle is recently back from a month long trip to France, so we hear all kinds of magical stories from his trip – and made me so jealous and I can’t wait to go back!! It was a really great night, and we all had a good time, with lots of laughs!!

On Saturday morning, I was back to my usual gym (it was good to be back!) but it was SO TOUGH!! The equipment is harder than the groupon gym (particularly the cross trainer), so I was wanting to die after 8 mins… I can say now that my legs are still sore and I am dreading my workout tonight!!

Sunday was a lovely day. I must say that love makes you do weird things. L-whack and I met at the park near his parents at 7.45AM for a walk and coffee. I am a sleeper-inner and still can’t believe I voluntarily got up that early on a Sunday!! We also had a play at the new playground there, and had several turns on the flying fox (until some bloody kids came along and spoilt our fun!!! Boooooo). We then walked in the warm sunshine before grabbing a coffee at a chocolate café (hmmmmm). He then went to his parents to do some thesis writing, and I did some cooking!! I made Vegie Head’s South African sweet potato, kidney bean and peanut stew (YUM!) and I also had some organic cabbage to get rid of, so I made a Russian shchi soup. The soup was subtly flavoured, but really light and fresh tasting. I know cabbage soup doesn’t sound too appealing, but I enjoyed it.

I just realised I didn't get a pic of the stew (woops!) but I took a photo of the soup.

I gotta say it was tough waking up this morning, knowing there were 5 full work days ahead… *groan*

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