Friday, 20 April 2012


I'm in a blissful food bubble whilst I type this.

My tummy is comfortably full, the taste of soup lingering and making me wish I'd gotten the large size. The salad complimented the soup nicely, and the freshly toasted (handmade) bread that went with it was a perfect addition to dunk into the soup. I truly enjoyed every mouthful.

Now where did I get this oh so delicious food??

At a newish place in the Melbourne CBD called Fugazza.

I admit there may be some family ties with this little place *wink* but I can honestly say that the food is outstanding (YAY!). And it offers vegan options (double YAY!). I had to pop into the city for a work errand, and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to stop by and say hello to Simon, the hard-working mastermind behind Fugazza.

For an amazing price of $9.90, I got what is pictured below.

$9.90 for all this - yep, you bet!!

  • Broccoli, corn, carrot, baby spinach salad w/ Fugazza's signature lemon basil dressing, and
  • Nonno's Tuscan bean & vegetable soup w/ a piece of toasted bread (handmade by Simon!)

Fugazza also do a mean coffee (they use Bonsoy!!) - their unique blend is a specially roasted by their barista.

For those who eat meat or vegetarians - there are LOADS of options for you. You have the option to sit down to enjoy your food, or you can takeaway (which is neatly packed into a brown paper bag, with eco-friendly compostable cutlery).

At the moment, Fugazza is open from 7am - later afternoon, Monday-Friday only. However, the Fugazza van has been seen at many a music festival, community market, outdoor event - so if you don't visit the CBD during the week, then keep an eye out at the next event you attend.

If I was told that the bean & vegetable soup was going to be my last meal on earth, I would die a happy and satisfied person.

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