Tuesday, 17 April 2012

SOS – Please help!

I have just been made aware of a ridiculous application by a shooting club, which will threaten a wonderful animal sanctuary just outside of Melbourne.

Edgar’s Mission is a place that rescues farm animals that have been injured and/or abandoned. They truly do wonderful work, and have made a difference to hundreds of animals’ lives.

With names like Hip Hop Bob, The Two Ronnie’s, Mighty Mouse, Mrs Peaches – these animals have great character and strength, especially once you read their stories and discover what they’ve been through.

However, the Melton Shire Council is considering approving an application by the Greenvale Field and Game Inc (a shooters club) to extend the number of days each year they can operate, and how many shooters can take part. If approved, the animals and visitors to Edgar’s Mission will no longer experience its peace and tranquillity; instead they will be hearing the sound of gunshots.

These poor animals have already been through enough, but now if they’re exposed to gun shots they will experience fright, panic and shock. Plus, what humans would want to visit a place that is surrounded by the sound of gun fire?

PLEASE support and sign this campaign. It will literally take 30 seconds out of your day.

There is also a campaign through Animals Australia, this one also takes just 30 seconds.

On a side note, can someone please explain to me how guns are illegal but you can actively participate in shooting animals?? You cannot shoot humans, but it’s ok to shoot animals???

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