Friday, 13 April 2012

Confession time!!!

I have a few things that I absolutely love, and that isn’t necessarily a good thing!!

The Bachelor
Now I haven’t watched this in several years, but it was on last week when I happened to turn on the TV. And OMG I had forgotten how badly good this show is!! I’m not sure if the producers have amped it up, or the girls that go on this show have to pass a ‘not sane’ test – but I have giggled my way through two weeks. There is SO much bitchiness, cattiness and insanity. One girl locked herself in the bathroom and sobbed because she didn’t like how another girl looked at her. This week, a girl passed out TWICE during the rose ceremony because “the stress was too much”. They’ve known this guy for 4 days, and they’re already professing their love for him. LOVE. IT.

Gossip Magazines
I subscribe to Who and OK! magazines, and I regularly read Pink is the New Blog. The mags are very similar, and full of crap. But I love reading about what the Kar-trash-ians are up to, and how big Jessica Simpson is (is she really STILL pregnant????!!!!!!). L-whack just shakes his head when I pull out an issue and put my feet up to read about other people’s problems (made up or not).

What should we call me
This blog is a new addiction of mine. I was reading The Everywhereist (seriously, awesome blog – get on it) and she mentioned it in a post a couple of days ago (it’s her crack!). I have been giggling ever since.

Crappy 90’s TV shows
As there is really not much on TV these days, I decided to get into watching old TV shows on DVD. EBay is a great thing; you can buy box sets so cheap, and then sell them again once you’re done!! No ads, you can pause when you want, not have to wait a week for the next episode, etc. I’m nearly done with Ally McBeal, I’ve done The OC and Dawson’s Creek, and I’m deciding other shows I should watch. I’m thinking Brothers & Sisters, Mad Men, Party of Five crossed my mind… Any suggestions are welcome (but remember I hate blood & guts).

Tonight is L-whack's brothers birthday, and we're going out for Indian for dinner - yuuuuuuuuuuum! My tummy is already rumbling just thinking about it. Hmmmmmmm!!

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