Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Hi there, and welcome to my blog.

I never, NEVER thought I would write a blog - I'm really not that interesting. But I guess I am doing this more for myself than anyone else. Besides, I have jack all to do at work so this helps fill the time!

As I mention in my 'about me' brief, I am transitioning into living a vegan lifestyle. I guess you could say that I am vegan with training wheels attached. I'm still learning, and am enjoying the journey (thus far!), and I look forward to sharing my experiences.

L-whack, my gorgeous man, is on board this journey. He's in the midst of doing his PhD, yet is committing to eating as ethically and as best as possible - not easy when you lack time, money and pantry space!! It's such an awesome feeling to do this together though, knowing that although it's minimal, our actions are making a difference in the long term. Not just to the animals in this world, but for our health and well-being.

I must admit that it doesn't mean we are vegan all the time. You'll learn this along the way. If I could, I would have a bath in milk chocolate whilst shovelling in spoonfuls of ice cream. But at least we're trying.

I'll sign out now, I've been drooling on my keyboard looking at the Vegie Head website - some SERIOUSLY tasty looking recipes!

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  1. Love it!

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