Monday, 16 January 2012

Oh my belly!

Ok, I admit. I well and truly fell off the vegan wagon yesterday, so today I am getting back on track!

It’s was L-whacks’ aunt’s surprise 60th birthday party yesterday – I couldn’t mention it last week, just in case Litha’s mum read the blog! It was a beautiful sunny day (finally, after this week’s dismally winter-like weather).

L-whack and I had pushed ourselves and went to the gym on Sunday morning (felt good post-workout!) and then headed over for the celebrations. We were good and disciplined for the first 30 mins. And then the post-workout hunger hit us, and the only food options (at this point!) were cheese & crackers, milk chocolate egg things and chicken chips. So we’re munched on a couple of choccy eggs to stave away the hunger pains (i'm actually allergic to cheese, so this was out of the question).

The birthday girl arrived (she got a BIG surprise and Litha did a brilliant job of organising the whole day – well done SC!), and then lunch got under way, which was yum (and vegan). Litha had catered really well for the growing number of vegetarians in the family (there are now 4*!!) – We enjoyed vegan burgers, grainy bread, vegie pasta salad. Tasty wholesome stuff.

But then came out dessert and cake.

I resisted birthday cake (sponge with lashings of cream), but L-whacks brother makes this wickedly delicious triple chocolate stuffed chocolatey chocolate slice (with extra chocolate) and I just couldn’t resist a piece. And then I helped myself to more chocolate eggs. You know when your head is screaming at you ‘nooooooo, don’t do it!’ whilst your hand is rebelling and evilly chuckling away, uncontrollably reaching for the plate hissing ‘oh yessssssssssss, this is gooooooood and there’s nothing you can do about it’, all the while listening to this struggle, you’re shoving guilty handfuls into your mouth….

This battle continued for the remainder of the afternoon – chocolate eggs, pascall columbines, chocolate peanuts, etc.

Needless to say, once L-whack and I got home late last night – there was minimal dinner eaten and an early night had to prepare for the gym workout this morning at 6.30am. Eek.

So today I am making it right. I rolled out of bed and did my workout (ok, I was dragged out of bed by an overly enthusiastic L-whack), then had my toast for breaky. I had soy milk in my cappuccino, and lunch was vegan bread, dried fruit and an apple. I’d left my lunch at L-whack’s so popped out from work at lunch to pick it up. On the way, I stopped via the Bakehouse in Port Melbourne and bought us a vegan date slice to share. It was quite tasty, very dense – could have used a couple more spices, perhaps a little more cinnamon or something. But it was very good none-the-less.

Not sure what will be for dinner tonight. I think my niece Z-monster will be around for a bit, but I will make an effort to be healthy and vegan – even if I need to dash to the shops to get something. Maybe vegan burgers?

But if I eat chocolate, it’s gonna be vegan. I have a couple of blocks of Lindt dark chocolate so will raid the stash.

Reading back over the last couple of posts, I do go to the gym quite a bit. But it’s because it makes you feel good, essential to your wellbeing (both physically and mentally) and it also means you can indulge a little more. And as much as I complain about it, I actually do enjoy it.

On Friday evening, I cooked Moroccan chickpea and zucchini, which is found in Appetite for Reduction – I will touch on this in tomorrow’s post.

I hope you had a great weekend!

* - Litha, I know you said there was now 5 of us, but D eats fish...

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