Friday, 13 January 2012

Weekend whoop!

Disclaimer: This is a PG rated post!

So the weekend is upon us - huzzah!

What are your plans?

My usual Saturday is to have a sleep-in (bliss), followed by a good gym workout (not so bliss) and then do the boring chores that need doing (wash clothes, sheets/towels, tidy up etc). One of my gorgeous nieces (Z-monster, she's 3yo) comes over in the afternoon and we spend some time 'hanging out' as she calls it!

Saturday evenings and Sundays are usually spent at L-whacks place, where we enjoy walks, eat food and just chillax. This weekend will be a little different, but I'll explain more next week.

It's L-whack's 30th birthday next week - I am super excited. He's not!! (He's not really a birthday person, which I totally understand, I used to be like that) I bought his gift months ago (it came from USA and wasn't sure how long it would take to ship), and has been sitting in the spare room at mums since - I am DYING the give it to him!! I can't say too much about it (as he will probably read this) but I am confident he will like it.....

As his birthday gift isn't Little, I decided to get him more of a token gift for Christmas. I symbolically adopted a bobby calf for him - it's VERY cute and an excellent quality stuffed toy. It was actually an email from Animals Australia that was about bobby calves that gave me my lightbulb moment.

The plush bobby calf and his adoption certificate

You can head over to the Animals Australia website to adopt a bobby calf of your own - they also 'adopt' out other farm animals and sell other merchandise.

Do you have any suggestions for what I can bake for his birthday?

Banana choc nipple cake

Perhaps a nipple cake?


Let me explain.

For my birthday, L-whacks lovely mum gave me a giant cupcake baking tin (she is familiar with my love of food and baking), and I love it. It bakes evenly and really well. It's like a double tin, with one half being the cupcake stump and the other side being the cupcake top.

The problem is that the top half of the cupcake mould looks like a nipple.

The top half of the cupcake tin

This caused much giggling when I presented Litha (L-whacks cousin, also a dear friend of mine) with her birthday cake!!

So any suggestions for the cake will be welcomed and considered. Decoration ideas too.

Was the original purpose of this post to be about nipple cake? No. But it is now.

Happy weekend!

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