Monday, 30 January 2012

Flat tyre... boo!

This weekend didn’t start off too well.

L-whack and I were driving to his parents’ place, when there was a strange sound and my car started shuddering and making noises. I pulled over and discovered that my wheel was completely busted – and there was metal or something embedded in it.

So we jacked up my car and changed over to the spare tyre – took a bit of time, and lots of muscle but eventually we had success.

Oh dear.......

On Saturday, I went to Bob Jane T-mart to get new 4x tyres (needed to replace the front 2 anyway) and a wheel alignment. Needless to say I felt like a fish out of water sitting and waiting there.

90 MINUTES & $600 later (ouch), I drove off with fresh new non-holey shiny tyres.

It was a bloody warm weekend here in Melbs, so what a great excuse to enjoy some sorbet. And boy what tasty sorbet is was!

Weis Australian mango sorbet is seriously good. It’s like eating frozen mango – Get into Safeway/Woolworths by tomorrow as it’s currently on sale there. The lemon one is also delicious, and L-whack and I also bought the pineapple & Tahitian lime to enjoy another day soon.

Om nom nom nom......

The lovely Litha sent me this video to watch this morning – it is so totally worth watching. I cried, at first sad tears but then the happy tears came and I just want to run out and adopt a puppy!

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