Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Is playing Angry Birds considered to be un-vegan?

If so, then I am screwed.
I’m in a job at the moment where I have nothing to do. Really. I answer the phone when it rings. I write the odd cover letter. I go to the bank sporadically to bank a cheque. I google vegan recipes. And I play Angry Birds on my pc.

Except today. Shit has hit the fan with a number of clients (not mine) and I have to do many tasks to assist with the de-shitting. It feels good to actually do something constructive at work, but it gets in the way of writing my blog. And means that smugly arrogant little green pigs are just sitting around, waiting to get egged.

Now, I am vegan but I do enjoy some beefcake from time to time.

Today’s blog is short, random and pretty pointless.


  1. Since the pigs and birds you're so joyfully splatting are entirely made of electrons, which aren't even a wee bit damaged by the experience, I think you can egg away with a clear conscience! Nothing wrong with a bit of electronic beefcake, either. :-)
    -- Mary in Los Angeles, California, USA

  2. ahh nothing wrong with having a bit of fun! Have you seen these:

    hehe make me laugh!

  3. Thank you for the reassurance ladies!!

    There's also 'Is Ryan Gosling cuter than a puppy' - HAHA!!

    Perhaps I should include a weekly beefcake section... ;o)