Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Shakahari, Carlton

On Friday night, I had a hot date with Litha. We changed second last minute plans of seeing our friends band The Reprobettes (one of the member’s was sick) to changing our last minute plans of heading out to St Andrew’s for some vegan pizza at A Boy named Sue (L-whack was working too hard so we’ll go when he’s free), and instead headed to Carlton for some Shakahari tastiness.

We almost didn’t get in!! We rocked up at about 7.15pm and asked for a table for 2. After about 5 anxious minutes of umming and ahhing, and going over their bookings list, they said we could squeeze in as long as we have the table ready for an 8.30pm booking. Score!!

Litha and I perused the menu, drooling at the descriptions and struggling to make up our minds on what to eat. It’s not often that a veg*n goes to a restaurant and struggles to decide between what’s on offer!!

I decided on the Indian Red Curry, whilst Litha settled on the Satay Shakahari (after the waiter told her it was ‘to die for’ – how could she resist?!)

After a short wait (whilst enviously looking at what other diners were eating!) our food arrived and it was amaze-balls.

In the foreground is Litha’s satay, and you can see my curry in the background.

We were silent for a good 2 minutes whilst we hoed into our yummy food, marvelling at the deliciousness. I couldn’t decide which curry I liked more; the red curry or the dahl and kept going back and forth on my decision… I still don’t know!!

Litha thoroughly enjoyed her satay, and even though she eats like a mouse (no wonder she’s so tiny!) she managed to get through the whole meal – and I think she would’ve licked the plate if we weren’t in public!

Once we were done, I managed to coerce Litha into sharing a Tofu Caramel, which I’d heard great things about. Now, I was a little apprehensive (you know I’m no fan of tofu) but I was willing to take a risk!!

Yummers. The tofu caramel was a very light, non-tofuey dessert that hit the right spot. Drizzled with caramel and pistachio’s, it was the perfect way to end a meal.

Shakahari just opened a restaurant on Clarendon Street in South Melbourne, and no doubt Litha and I will go and see if it’s as good as the Carlton restaurant!

Shakahari Vegetarian on Urbanspoon

UPDATE: I totally forgot to mention that the above photo's are courtesy of Litha - thanks chick!

Finally, I had to share this picture from I waste so muchtime.

Titled ‘This ostrich is confused’…

I thought lion’s went neigh?

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