Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My food baby

So worth it.

Last night, my friend Shannon and I had a long overdue catch-up/book swap. She had borrowed Veganomicon and Appetite for Reduction, and I hope borrowed Vegan Pie in the Sky and Vegan Diner.

We planned to meet up at Yong Green Food on Brunswick St – somewhere I had wanted to go for a while, and a place that Shannon loves. It was a cold miserable night, hampered by some pretty bad traffic (something about a gas leak in a neighbouring street), but the lure of good company and tasty food was awesome.

I found Yong. To find it closed for renovations. WHAT THE EFF?!!! We had planned our dinner around the venue, so to find it closed was so disappointing. I called Shannon, who was stuck in terrible traffic, and broke the bad news. We ummed and ahhed over where to go instead. We settled on Vegie Bar as it was close, so I wandered up the street to grab a table.

After a close to 10 minute wait to simply get my name on the list (whilst reading the menu and almost dying of tummy rumbling), I was told it would be a 15ish minute wait for a table, so I made my way out to the waiting room, a cute little bar area with an open fire place. I ordered a glass of biodynamic vegan red wine, and settled next to the fire for Shannon (who was stuck in the worst traffic… poor love!).

If this was always the way to wait, I could become a very patient person!

Cut to 45 minutes later, and Shannon showed up all flustered and hankering for a glass of wine (which she got!). And fortunately our table was ready about 5 minutes later. (Umm is there something about Tuesday’s that makes it a popular night to go out? Clearly, I am uncool.)

We sat down, opened the menu and seriously struggled to decide what to get. Usually you go out somewhere and they may have one or two vegan friendly options on the menu – but Vegie Bar has 2 full pages of options!! Plus specials. And they all sound soooooo good.

I decided on the ‘duo’ – lentil & potato curry and chickpea dahl served with roti and brown rice. Yummers. So good.

Shannon decided on some rice balls, and the raw taco from the specials menu – spicy, yet wholesome dish.

Although we were REALLY full after we got through our meals, we couldn’t resist the lure of dessert and decided to share a piece of vegan chocolate coconut cake with soy ice cream.

OMG. So good. Sinfully good. We actually didn’t quite manage to finish it – it was a BIG piece!!

By this time, being a school night and all (and it was past my bedtime!), we said our goodbyes and I waddled my food baby and I back to my car to drive into the miserably cold night to my warm waiting bed…

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