Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Behind the 8-ball

Friday evening, my back was aching for a massage (pardon the pun!) so I hiked my way to Chadstone to see my miracle worker Loco, and he sorted out my sore muscles. As it was dinner time by the time I was done, and it would take me a while to drive home, I decided to be brave and see what vegan options Chadstone could offer me! I knew there was a Lord of the Fries (which I am yet to try) but I wanted something healthy, and fairly light. So I made my way to Sumo Salad and asked the girl which of the salad options was vegan friendly. Happily, she pointed out 3 options (they also do hot food now, but I didn’t ask which were suitable) and I settled on a 3 bean & tomato curry, and a pumpkin & couscous salad.

Sumo Salad yumminess

Both salads were tasty, and I would be happy to go back to Sumo Salad.

Yesterday, The Age newspaper published a story on the health benefits of leading a vegetarian lifestyle. Cue vege-bashers. Oh man, some people are so ignorant. As I’ve said before, we should respect what people choose to eat (or choose not to eat) however I know that I am sick of the haters, the defensive meat-eaters who abuse, bully and belittle vegetarians/vegans. I do not understand this backlash and ignorance from meat eaters. Why do you feel so threatened?

I came across a funny, yet sadly true example of the ignorance (and in some cases, simple stupidity!) that meat-eaters come out with when they hate on vegies.

Found here

Unfortunately for them, they believe the stuff that has been spoon-fed to them by Dairy Australia, Meat & Livestock Australia and all the other pro-animal corporations out there. If someone chooses to eat meat, so be it – but at least be aware of where/when/how your food is produced, the reality of factory farming, and the possible consequences of eating such products. Have a read of Skinny Bitch, or The China Study. I don’t agree with everything that’s written in Skinny Bitch but they certainly have some very valuable information in there, and make you really think about what you’re eating (it’s not a bible, it’s a guide). And it’s NOT all about being skinny, as they put in the disclaimer at the end of the book!

I recently received my copy of The China Study and I’m looking forward to reading it soon (once I’m done with The Book Thief).

Having said all that, I will be the first to say I’m not perfect. On Saturday, I fell well and truly off the vegan wagon. My niece Z-monster and I made some tiny teddy chocolate cars, and unfortunately you can’t get vegan versions of what I needed (well, not that I’m aware of – please let me know if there is and how to get them).

Together we had an absolute blast making these, and Z-monster was really good at sticking all the pieces together – and boy, I had forgotten how tasty tiny teddy’s are!!

The left one looks a little unhappy... haha!!

We also fed some ducks, played chasey along the massive bridge at Fairfield Boat House, and sang songs in the car. I love my Z-monster, and it was awesome to spend the time with her.

Duck time!

On Sunday, I cooked Husband’s Healing Soup from Oh She Glows. I made a slight adjustment, by adding a fresh bunch of organic kale, using 1 cup of pearl barley, and using chickpeas instead of edamame.

Please excuse the crap photo, I didn’t have suitable light and my phone is on the way out. I served it with the last few pieces of 7-grain sourdough from Northcote Bakeshop, so I’ll need to make another trip!

At this point, I would like to say that Whole Foods should come to Australia. A place with fresh, healthy, organic produce and has something for everyone. Their mission is to supply people with the best quality of food so that they can live longer, better, healthier lives whilst promoting sustainability. A bit ironic given it’s an American company, but I think the model/concept would work well here.

As lucky as I am to be Australian and call this wonderful country home – I also believe that we are lacking in so many areas. Whether it’s the availability/price of products (like cars, clothing, technology), the issue of ‘gay marriage’ (I’m all for equality), to the food options we have to us (or should I say LACK of options – there is such a small amount of vegan friendly products available readily to us). Australia is behind the 8-ball, which is such a shame.


  1. Thanks for pointing out the article in the age - I started on the comments and decided it wasn't worth reading them. I've had too many of those omnivore bingo questions/comments thrown at me!

    I've also made those tiny teddy racing cars before and they are amazing and the kids just love them - but it is not advisable to make them with a 2 year old! Sounds like a lovely birthday.

  2. Isn't it ridiculous!! Of course, some of them are just trolling...

    Z-monster was VERY well behaved this time (unlike previous occasions when more mixture ends up in her tummy rather than the tin - 'I just have to try it to make sure it's yummy'!!). She was excited to be able to share them with her friends.