Friday, 8 June 2012

Rumbly in my tumbly

On Wednesday, I swung by Northcote Bakeshop. I was hoping to get some more delicious grainy bread, and vegan empanada’s!! Unfortunately only one of those options was available (empanada’s baby!).

So I decided to try another one of their offerings. As it was late in the day for them, they’d sold out of most of their bread. It was a tough decision, choosing between their honey, oat & organic red quinoa sourdough or their potato bread with rosemary and nigella seeds… On this occasion the sourdough won (even though honey isn’t considered vegan) but I am glad I did!! It’s a dense, delicious loaf that went beautifully with my soup!!

Nom nom!

I also couldn’t resist their fruit loaf. The picture I took on my phone is terrible and doesn’t do it justice!! So I stole a picture from their Facebook page. Behold the fruit loaf!!

Nom nom NOM!

SO dense with fruit, spices and sesame seeds – YUM!! I may have been seduced by the tastiness once I got back to my car, and managed to polish off about 1/3 of the loaf by the time I got home… hehe!! My lap looked like a sesame crop had exploded!!

Both these loaves were $7 each, a little more than I usually pay but I thought it would be good to try them and keep in mind for special occasions. I will definitely be back to try their potato bread – like apple & cinnamon, potato & rosemary is a match made in heaven.

If L-whack is lucky, I may save an empanada for him (I bought 2 this time). IF he’s lucky… ;-)

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This weekend in Melbourne is a long weekend. I plan on keeping busy, catching up with a couple of girlfriends, brunching, shopping, walking, keeping warm – and having date night with L-whack! I’m also dying to get a pedicure – even though its winter, I feel I must keep my toes looking well-kept and pretty!

The other thing I plan on doing is finishing off Downton Abbey, season 2. Oh my goodness, if you thought season 1 was full of scandal and drama – just you wait til season 2!! Sooooooo good!

To finish off today’s post; I wanted to share a beautiful drawing of a rainbow that my 3yo niece (Z-monster) drew for me. Isn’t it gorgeous!

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