Monday, 28 May 2012

Hanging with some locals

Hello Monday morning, where did the weekend go?

On Friday evening, I had a long overdue haircut. My hairdresser Rebecca, left yesterday to go on a 5-week holiday to Europe – needless to say, I’m jealous. I got home, and warmed up the vegan empanada I bought from Northcote Bakeshop. Really delicious. I put it in the oven on 200°c for 15mins and it was perfectly toasty and filling. For $5, it is a pretty good price. It did fall apart a bit, but that’s not an issue for me!! I’m looking forward to heading back to the Bakeshop to check out their other offerings.

Northcote Bakeshop on Urbanspoon

Sunday morning, I had to run some errands. I also stopped via a specialty Indian grocer and bought some fenugreek leaves. Judging by the size of the box, I don’t think I’ll run out anytime soon!!

$2.99 for 100g box!

Sunday afternoon, L-whack and I went for a leisurely walk in the local parklands. Whilst we were there, we hung out with some of the locals!

It’s pretty awesome seeing wild kangaroos so close, and also so close to the city. Although for international readers, kangaroo’s do NOT jump down the street, nor do we keep them as pets. ‘Roos are pretty dangerous animals, and if you ever come across one – just let it be.

I came across an injured little bird (with bloody sharps claws - he managed to get my finger!) so L-whack and I gently bundled him into a shoe box, wrapped him in a towel and took him to the nearest animal shelter. He wasn’t able to fly, and had injured his foot (claw?) so it was a relief to take him somewhere that would be able to help, and properly care for him. They were optimistic of his recovery, and were going to pass him on to a wildlife shelter once the vet had looked at him in the morning. It sounds stupid, but I was really sad to leave this little guy, I didn’t get to say goodbye to him!! So to Mr Birdy, wherever you are – I hope you’re back flying with your homies soon!!

It was pretty cold, but it was lovely coming into a warm home and being greeted by a delicious warm bowl of Soul Food Winter Vegetable Stew, courtesy of the delight Miss Vegie Head!! This is seriously such an easy recipe – I guarantee it tastes awesome!! I may have had 1.5 bowls of it… hehehe!!

Accompanied with a glass of organic, vegan red


  1. oh my gosh! wild kangaroos! how cool!! thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks glutenfreehappytummy!! Although it's not rare seeing them in the local parks (especially late in the afternoon), it's always exciting and incredible to experience it.

      Probably wouldn't see it much in NYC - haha!!