Monday, 7 May 2012

A new week...

Oh man, Monday’s SUCK!!! Especially this one – it hasn’t started well. But there was a cute dog outside the café who gave me cuddles, so it has improved slightly.

Metro Trains – GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!! This morning, my train arrived at Southern Cross station 14mins late. Since the new timetable came into action about 2 weeks ago, my train has been at least 5 minutes late every day.

So now if I want to be a good employee, I’m going to have to start getting the earlier train just because Metro can’t get their shit together.

End rant.

How was your weekend?

Mine was good. Quiet, but good. I ended up making some ribollita again on Saturday (YUM!) and used some lovely organic kale!! I took some to L-whack (who is STILL unwell!) and being the nerds we are, we spent the evening playing Trouble!!

After I got home, I whacked all the ingredients for slow cooked chilli beans into my new slow cooker, and awoke on Sunday morning to a delicious aroma. I went for a brisk morning walk, before getting home and toasting some sourdough bread and eating the chilli beans on top. YUM!

In the afternoon, I spent time with my gorgeous nieces. I hadn’t seen them in weeks (they went to Queensland to visit relatives) so it was so lovely to spend time with them!!

I have a bowl of (stinky) soaked chickpeas waiting for me to use (as I ran out of puff yesterday) so I’m not sure what I’ll make. Maybe hummus? Maybe soup? Perhaps burgers??

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