Tuesday, 13 March 2012


My little post on the McGrath Foundation supporting greyhound racing certainly became a lot bigger than I thought it would!

A special thank you shout-out to those who rescue and care for greyhounds all over the world – you do great things, and make such a difference to their otherwise miserable lives. So thank you.

If you want to keep up to date with all things greyhound, check out this Facebook page. It lists current campaigns, greyhounds available for adoption and other greyhound info!

My long weekend was spent cooking, playing with both my nieces (Z-monster and S-monster), hanging out with L-whack, reading and catching up on sleep – it was lovely!

I cooked a number of dishes – an Indian Vegetable Stew (I have searched for the recipe; all I remember was that I printed it about a year ago from TasteSpotting!)

I made another pizza! I think I used slightly warmer water this time, as the dough rose quite a bit more this time around. It was very good – and my mum even enjoyed some! I usually scoff down all the pizza I can, but this time I left a quarter, and enjoyed it for brunch on Sunday – after my run, and teamed with a super green smoothie!

I also made a chilli non carne a la Ess Mick!

I made a chile powder (we don’t have that here!), which I then used in a taco seasoning.

Onions, capsicum, purple carrot, black beans, corn, tomatoes, fresh lime juice, kale…….. oh, and garlic! I was going to add coriander, but used it up in the Indian stew!

I think next time I make it, I’ll add a little more taco seasoning to the mix.

Followed by the ah-maz-ing Vegie Head chocolate-dipped apricots! A super easy, super tasty dessert – and even better when Safeway has Whitaker’s chocolate 2 for $5 (their dark range is vegan friendly!). I may have bought 8 or so blocks............

I dare you to look through these recipes and NOT drool!

I was so excited to try these that I forgot to put them on baking paper – so they stuck to the plate. No biggie though as I scraped off chocolate with my fingers (hmm!) – And then the next night I warmed them enough to melt the chocolate and reset them on baking paper!


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