Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ess Mick & Z-monster’s day of fun!

Yesterday I had THE most wonderful day with my gorgeous niece Z-monster! I treated her to a day at the zoo (I treated myself too!), and we had the perfect day together. I’m still grinning ear to ear!

I think the highlights for me were the following (it is hard to narrow down the list!);


Z-monster doing her meerkat impersonation
Great posture!

How can you not love these little guys. They are so full of personality – I really wanted to keep one! Z-monster turned to me and told me that it probably wasn’t the best idea to take one home – haha!
Z-monster also decided that one of the little ones looked sad, so she decided that she would sing to him. I have an adorable video of her singing ‘A, B, C’ and what do you know – the moment she finished, this little guy jumped up and started running around – she’s a meerkat whisperer!

Sumatran Tiger

I think this picture says enough. It was so close (behind glass of course!) and was just happy staring at us. We both waved, and I was able to take this awesome shot!

Bear-y nice

This guy is normally asleep in the corner, so it was a real treat for us to see him moving about. Not only was he moving about, but he was enjoying his lunch and we got a pretty close view of him. It’s the closest I’ll ever bee to a bear – and I’m ok with that!!

Butterfly House

Z-monster LOVES butterflies. We spent a good 25-30 mins in da house (so warm!) and she refused to leave until one landed on her hand!! We waited and waited (I must admit, it tested my patience!) and literally as I turned around to look the other way, it happened!! She was sooooooooooooo excited and we had to call mummy straight away to tell her! It melted my heart to see her enthusiasm and excitement. Bliss!


The coolest vegan in town.

Chillin’ with the roos

Being so close to native Aussie animals is always cool (even though the do occasionally hop down my dad’s street, it is always awesome to see them) The koalas were awake and munching on some lunch, and there was an active little echidna.

Other great things were the penguins (swimming about, peeping along), the spider monkey (the cutest little thing), posing seals, and Z-monster holding her nose and telling the elephants off for being so smelly! It was honestly one of the best zoo days I can remember, as we lucked out seeing the animals being active and comfortable

The weather was perfect, a little overcast but warm. We both wore our hats (I looked super daggy in mine, and I am proud of that). Z-monster was well behaved the whole day, and I treated her to a cute butterfly plate to take home at the end of the day. She chose a little butterfly spoon to take home to S-monster, who had been enjoying some time with mummy at home.

On a side note, MASSIVE congratulations to the lovely and amazing Vegie Head – she took out the title of best vegan blog in the world! I cannot recommend her blog/recipes enough; her recipes are tasty, nutritious and so simple. Do yourself a favour and check it out – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! (And it’s total food porn!) A well-deserved accomplishment Adele, and as one of your fans – I’m so very proud of you! x

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