Friday, 23 March 2012

Bloody hell it’s cold.

Today we’ve got our first taste of what is to come for winter… yuck. As much as I love eating winter food (curries, soups, stews), wearing tracksuit pants and slippers, and curling up under my doona with the electric blanket on – I HATE THE COLD. It’s so depressing and it makes me want to jump on the first plane to Sunset Cove.

Sunset Cove - sunset by the pool = absolute bliss

So instead of walking 10mins to get a really good coffee, I opted to stay more local (100m) and go to the café I used to frequent daily (that was until the 2 great barista’s left, the prices went up, and the new staff were rude to me not once, or twice – but three times!!)

So I walked in, and ordered a regular size soy cappuccino (take note). The barista (I use this term lightly) didn’t even look at me, instead checked his phone, grabbed a jug – at this point, I got distracted by the gorgeous black dog sitting outside (cuuuuuuuute!).

Long story short – the d-bag had made me a large full-fat dairy milk latte!!!!!!!!

The thing that gave it away initially was the lack of chocolate powder on top – I MUST have this powder, it’s divine. Then I noticed the cup was larger than regular. Then I noticed the open bottle of dairy milk. And he gave me the wrong change. I’m no Einstein but I put 2+2 together.

Needless to say, I was reminded why I decided to go elsewhere for coffee.

This weekend I plan on baking. I’ve decided to attempt baking my own hot x buns (having worked at Baker's Delight in ye olde days, I am scarred for life and cannot bring myself to buy them from there). I’ve found a few recipes that look good and fairly simple, so I shall give it a go. I am also dying to make Vegie Head’s Swiss chard and potato curry – although it depends on whether I can get my hands on some chard. I’m excited to be taking Z-monster to the zoo next week (am taking a day off) so I might bake a few treats for us to share.

It has been am emotionally draining week for me, so I’m planning on some down time over the weekend. I hope whatever you have planned for the weekend is great; and don’t forget it’s only a couple of weeks til the Easter long weekend!


  1. Hey there, I'm with you on this cold snap - love the food part but loathe the gloomy factor.

    About the Swiss Chard, not sure if you know that it's just another name for silverbeet which is in plentiful supply at the moment. I only realised this because we are growing it in our little veggie patch right now, so I've been looking up recipes to take care of our little silverbeet glut :)

    1. Brilliant - thank you for the tip! I was not aware of this (I thought they were similar, but not the same).

      I actually forgot my cardy today, so I had to pop down to the shops and buy one - I thought it was going to be warmer today!

  2. Try coconut cream in your coffee. Very tasty.

    1. Ooooh that sounds interesting - I'll have to give it a go, thanks!!