Tuesday, 31 July 2012


On Sunday, L-whack and I decided to hit some markets to find some nice fresh fruit & veg for the week ahead. We failed miserably (I’ll tell that story another day – but it’s near impossible to find quality fresh produce, at a reasonable price!). I’m lucky that I’ve discovered Superfruit in Ivanhoe, but as this isn’t near L-whack’s place, we need somewhere a little more local for him.

But one major positive came out of our market trek. Mister Nice Guy Cupcakes.


I’m not much of a cake person. Sure, give me a piece and I’ll scoff it down in 2 seconds but I don’t crave it nor do I have it often (unlike chocolate, which is consumed daily). But when Mister Nice Guy is knocking, I go (natural, all natural white pistachio) nuts like a kid in a toy store!

L-whack and I braved the miserable, cold, drizzly weather and headed into Prahran Market, hoping to find some nice leafy greens (kale, anyone?) but instead were bitterly disappointed – until I grabbed L-whack by the arm and dragged him over to MNG.

We settled on buying 4 mini cupcakes to share later in the day.

Clockwise from top left: Key Lime, Beetle Juice, Lickety Split and Rocket Shot

Their other flavours are here.

They were all all kinds of deliciousness, but we couldn’t go past the Rocket Shot as a favourite. Chocolate AND coffee? What’s not to love!!

The girl that served us told us that MNG were going to be opening up a bakery soon (I hope that’s not classified info!!) in addition to their Prahran Market spot. Melbourne vegans rejoice!!

Black lentil dahl, Potato & swiss chard curry with brown rice and brocolli

Above is my dinner from last night. I think my love for Vegie Head is well known in this blog (I’m not a crazy groupie stalker – promise!), but I just can’t stress to you how good, versatile and simple her recipes are! Last week I had Litha over for dinner and made the Swiss chard & potato curry (which she looooooooooved and was about the fifth person to ask for the recipe). On Saturday, I made the Black lentil dahl which is featured in Vegie Head’s e-book and I enjoyed a bit of both after my gym workout last night. Both recipes are seriously delicious, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. As well as her other recipes.


  1. Yes, it was amazing! Veggie Head and EssMick you are stars!

    1. Aw shucks!! Vegie Head is the star, I'm just a tacky flameless candle!!